Collective Agreement Ufv

Collective Agreement UFV: What You Need to Know

Are you a faculty or staff member at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) wondering about your rights and responsibilities? Look no further than the collective agreement – a legally-binding document between UFV and its unionized employees.

The collective agreement outlines everything from wages and benefits to job security and grievance procedures. It is negotiated between UFV and the bargaining unit of the union – in this case, the Faculty and Staff Association (FSA).

Let’s take a closer look at some key aspects of the collective agreement for UFV employees:

Compensation: The collective agreement sets out the salary scales for faculty and staff, as well as annual increases and any additional compensation for duties like chairing a department or teaching a high-enrolment course.

Benefits: UFV employees are eligible for a range of benefits, including extended health coverage, dental care, life insurance, and a pension plan. The collective agreement specifies the details of each benefit, such as the level of coverage and the employee contribution.

Working conditions: This covers everything from workload and hours of work to vacation time and sick leave. The collective agreement sets out the maximum number of courses or hours per semester that faculty can be assigned, as well as the number of weeks of vacation and sick leave days available to all employees.

Job security: The collective agreement outlines the procedures for layoffs, reassignments, and discipline, as well as the criteria for evaluation and promotion. It also includes provisions for job security in the event of a merger or restructuring of the university.

Grievance procedures: If an employee feels that their rights under the collective agreement have been violated, they can file a grievance. The collective agreement sets out the steps for filing and resolving a grievance, including mediation and arbitration.

It’s important for UFV employees to be familiar with their collective agreement in order to understand their rights and responsibilities. The FSA provides regular updates and information on the collective agreement, as well as support and representation for members in the event of a dispute or grievance.

In conclusion, the collective agreement is a vital component of the employment relationship between UFV and its unionized staff and faculty. By understanding its provisions and seeking support when needed, employees can ensure that their rights are protected and upheld.

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