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In addition to this, we believe in 100% practical training for all the students as they get to work on live projects with us, so they gain experience while learning in our 360-degree digital marketing course. At Digital Keshav we make students DIGITAL MARKETERS not designers.

Mr. Keshav Suri
Founder & CEO

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Our Vision
The vision of our company is to provide digitally skilled talent to leading companies that need digitally trained employees. Our goal is to connect our students with leading companies worldwide.
With the growth of internet users around the world, digital marketing is essential for companies to achieve their objectives. Digital marketing takes up over 60% of a company's advertising budget in India alone. Globally, as compared to supply, demand for well-trained employees is extremely high. With it, you can explore a world full of opportunities. It is possible to work from home for any company in the world. Making India digitally ready is our vision.
Our Mission
We at Digital Keshav are committed to equipping students with relevant skills that will be useful in their future careers. As part of the classroom training, we also provide lifetime support and access to learning content, videos, and pdfs to students. If you have any doubts or need back-up classes, we are always available for free consultations. We have always been committed to providing our students with quality digital marketing education. Introducing newcomers to the digital world is very effective with our unique teaching method of 100% practical application. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in any other field, you can rely on us to guide you.
The future goal of our academy is to increase digital literacy. Would you be comfortable if your business were to become completely online? If your answer is no, then it would be recommended that you look into the basics of digital marketing. Modern society is more and more accustomed to working from home. It makes sense because of how many companies are moving online. It is essential to stay up-to-date. Taking a step towards our future goal, we are now offering free online classes for everyone. Sign up and learn some marketing basics.
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Keshav Suri
Founder & CEO
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